Marketing Intern & Model Application 

1. Marketing Intern (1 Vacancy)

Job Title: Social Media Manager 

Are you suitable? Ask yourself:

Do you have a Y-E-S personality? (highly motivated & easy-going)

Are you someone who is willing to learn new things and grow with our business?

Do you like meeting and working with new people?

Are you a naturally creative individual who can generate effective content ideas?

Are you obsessed with our type of fashion and art? 

Are you chronically online, always keeping up with the new trends and getting inspiration?

Why should you be excited to work with us?

Our company culture

We’re a youth-owned business so although we take our work extremely seriously, we’ve always got time to have a little fun. Our meetings and photoshoots are usually filled with lots of unnecessary banter.

We strive to create a comfortable environment for our members to make mistakes, learn and grow from them. It’s important that our members are able to maximise their potential in our company. We hope to achieve that by acting as a creative outlet and providing a platform for them to execute and showcase their work.

The table is open for all, all the time. We love to hear unpopular opinions, weird ideas and unconventional suggestions. That’s the whole purpose of having a team, the beauty of having different perspectives but the same end goal. We’re constantly encouraging and motivating each other.

Our upcoming projects

Other than the usual monthly online drops,

we’ve got a couple of things on our plate.

Our brand launch is projected early 2023. We’re currently planing for our campaign shoot which will be different from all our previous photoshoots. A higher budget has been allocated and we’re gearing up for a huge (positive) change. The marketing moves for this brand launch will include our own PR list and a launch event. Hello, networking galore.

2023 is the year of new ventures. We’re looking to collaborate with other brands to create fashion and art together, so get ready for those exciting projects.

In 2022, we learned that we’re not limited to Malaysia and we’d like to focus on our international following. In 2023, we’ll navigate through increasing our worldwide presence by working with international brands and influencers.

Job description:

A person who handles all of Del’cs social media (TikTok & Instagram) with the intention of growing brand awareness and converting followers into sales. This position requires you to actively and independently brainstorm and execute content for our social media. You will be working alongside Del’cs Operation Team (DOT) to set weekly targets and execute large-scale plans.

Job responsibility:

  • Online meetings with Del’cs Operation Team (DOT) every Monday
  • Daily posting on Instagram story
  • Weekly posting on TikTok/Instagram Reel
  • Weekly posting on Instagram feed
  • Execution of content at every photoshoot
  • Execution of content at every Del’cs event

Job qualifications:

  • Transportation flexibility
  • Basic videography & photography skills
  • Basic Adobe Photoshop & PhotoRoom experience
  • Understanding of Del’cs aesthetic & vision

Job commitments:

  • Work-From-Home (WFM) everyday
  • Physically required 1-2 days per week for photoshoots

Job salary:

Internship (2-month period): RMxxx

Full-time (3-month contract): RMxxx-RMxxxx+

Include in your application:

  1. A short paragraph about yourself. Write about what you’re passionate about or what you do during your free time. Anything to showcase your personality.
  2. Resume.
  3. Creative portfolios. (if any)
  4. Social media accounts: instagram, pinterest, tiktok. (if any)


Email to

2. Model Applications 

Applications are opened to everyone. No experience is needed. All sizes, races, genders, ages are welcomed. 

Include in your application:

  1. Full name & age. 
  2. Front, side & back face portrait pictures. 
  3. Front, side & back full body pictures.
  4. Body measurements: 
      • Standard top size (i.e. S)
      • Standard bottom size (i.e. M)
      • Bust measurements (i.e. 35inch)
      • Waist measurements (i.e. 28inch)
      • Hips measurements (i.e. 38inch)
      • Height measurements (i.e. 168cm)
      • Shoe size (i.e. uk 5.5) 


Email to