About Us


DEL’CS WORLD is a female-owned Malaysian brand launched in February 2023.
We started as a low-key curated thrift store at our little retail space DEL’CS
RETAIL in Taman Paramount in 2020. Since then, the community around DEL’CS
has grown tremendously, which cultivated our love to serve you guys the most
fashionable pieces with the utmost quality.

Upon starting this brand, we noticed the impact of our creation immediately. In
Malaysia, there aren’t many homegrown clothing brands that cater our this
niche audience so we hope that by existing, you’ll be able to enjoy fashion
trends all over the world without having to leave the country or break the bank
(prices are lower for local consumers, we love ya’ll).

Some things we actively stand for are body positivity, racial diversity, and
female empowerment. We are working towards creating more inclusive
collections that everyone, no matter what size or race, will be able to rock in.
Do keep in mind, that we are a blossoming business, we try our best with the
resources we’re given to do the most we can. We have your best interests in
mind always.

Meet the members

Hayley Chang - Founder & CEO of DEL’CS

When I started this small business in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, I
would’ve never imagined the extent of my work today. Growing up in Malaysia
and in the age of the internet, I’d find myself in a place of restlessness when I
consume content online. Like why is nothing available within arms reach, why
must all the fashion brands be from the UK or USA? With DEL’CS WORLD, I
really wanted to send the message that we could do it too here in KL and we
could do it better.

The best part of working in the creative industry is creating art and
collaborating with other great minds. I love designing clothes and it’s crazy to
hold your sketches in hand. I love planning content and having it come together
perfectly piece by piece. Despite, all the hardships and unexpected bumps, I
love the work I do, and thank you for supporting me along this journey.